The Crossed Key Society playings cards collection

Created by Mr Cup

The Crossed Key Society is a collection of 6 playing cards decks inspired by Europe's Grandest and Greatest Historic Hotels.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Wish you all the best for 2023... All rewards are shipped ! Gold edition is coming.
18 days ago – Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 03:04:51 PM

Hope you are fine. First of all, wish you all the best for a creative 2023.

This a quick update to tell you all pledges has been set before December.  Please contact Anaïs at to check tracking info if you still did not get yours. We are still missing some survey answers, so if you did not get your package, please check you  answered your survey here:

Also, I still have copies of my 2023 letterpress calendar so as you like typography, take a look at for my other projects.

And last but not list, I am now working on the collector's edition of the Crossed Keys, the gold edition... coming soon! 

And if you want to read my all 2022 year in review it is on my blog here. 

Thank you so much for your support again in 2022, and 2023 will be fabulous!

Fabien @iammrcup

This is the day !
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 30, 2022 at 02:21:21 AM

Today I had the pleasure to receive the decks. And OMG, what a fantastic feeling it is. So, first of all, thank you for your patience and support. 

Now, the big job will start, I will begin to fulfillment next week after I organize my house to be ready for that. I do not use a fulfillment center, everything will do with my family at home. We could take care of every order and avoid some taxes issues as much as possible.  Also, we need to fold each box, organize every collection, etc... It should take around 1 month to ship everything, so please consider I won't answer messages about delivery before everything has been sent. 

My cat, Haku validates the quality! 

That's a lot of decks!

Thanks again, and if you have any address changes, please contact Anaïs at

2023 letterpress calendar

And if you want to have a creative year, my 2023 letterpress calendar is on Kickstarter for its last week of funding. 

Get your calendar here

Have a great day, mine was awesome! 


October update... Cards are on their way to me, collection boxes are printer...
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 11:28:42 AM

Hope you are fine. I have very good news to share with you: the playing cards decks are on their way to me. I just get the customs approval so it means they will arrive very soon. Still, no date but it has never been so close... 

So on last week, I visit Studio Pression, my letterpress studio partner who print the boxes of the decks, to finish a big part of the project: printing the collection box sets. Here comes the photos from the 3 days there. 

We redesign the box to have each deck side by side like the collection. Above are the brass printing plates. 

And during the last days there all the Studio Pression team cut and fold all the boxes one by one. And the result is beyond my expectation...

You can see videos and more photos on my Instagram

It was such a great feeling to see these coming to life. So now I will lock your address on backerkit, like this, you may change it if you need to. 

Thanks a lot for your patience. 

SHOUT OUT : Shakespeare Playing cards from Ukraine

Talking about support, here is a Kickstarter for a great project made by the team behind the printing of my cards, Noir Arts, based in Ukraine. They need you to support them beyond the world of playing cards collection. And the design and concept are stunning! 


Thanks a lot for your support.

Fabien /  @iammrcup /

September update...
4 months ago – Wed, Oct 05, 2022 at 05:37:23 AM

Hope you are fine. I am closer and closer to the delivery date of the Crossed Keys playing cards decks. Here are the latest photos I got from Noir Arts, with the seals. 

The white edition will come with red seals and are numbered.

The color decks will come with gold seals. 

The next step is having the decks travel from Ukraine to me.  I will soon close backerkit surveys so if you need to change your address, it will be possible.

Thanks for your patience and support. 

Fabien www. @iammrcup

August update...
5 months ago – Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 12:00:28 AM

I hope you are fine. Yes, we are august 31st so it is still suitable for the august update, right? Just after I posted the latest update, I got a message from Noir Arts that we have a problem with 3 of the cards. Nore they or I saw that problem, and to make it short the only solution was to reprint these 3 cards... for each color. 

But the good news is that some decks are starting to be ready. So Noir Arts should send me a part of the decks to start fulfillment as soon as possible. I do not want to announce dates, but it is close... Some photos of the decks were sent by Noir Arts. 

Thank you so much for your support and patience, hope to have good news very soon.